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catching up, again

yeah, i know, i am very good at letting things slide. but in all fairness, i have a few good excuses. . .

excuse #1: i am lazy. let’s be honest. i was born this way. and if i get on my computer (which doesn’t happen often because i can waste hours on here) i have a hard time mustering up the energy to sort through pictures and come up with clever things to say about my life.

excuse #2: i have a cold. pretty lame, i know. but i am tired. (ed would tell you i am always tired. he is right)

#3: it’s garden season here – full swing. weeding, planting and harvesting. it’s a full time job.

#4: (spoiler alert!) we have baby goats so i am now milking momma goat twice a day. i’d like to say this is my favorite time of day since milking is something i’ve really looked forward to and kind of idealized. but the she goat hates it, and most likely hates me. so milking time is more like “goat wrestling” time and it’s exhausting. i am trying to be meditative about it and calm and let this teach me gads of patience. i’ll let you know how that goes. call me in a year . . . or two.

#5: (another spoiler alert): i am pregnant! so i’m pretty tired (see excuse #2 and roll your eyes at me). only four months along and actually feeling pretty good, but tired. oh well.

so there you have it. i’d let those excuses and a few more get me out of posting for a few more months, but my mother says i’m a slacker, so there you go. 🙂 nah, she just wants to see the grandkids and the baby goats. i get it. so this is for you, mom. enjoy.

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